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78 Days of Terror:
The US-Led NATO Attack on the Civilians of Yugoslavia

A few days after its 50th anniversary, NATO began an aerial bombing assault on Yugoslavia which continued through June 10, 1999 and involved over 38,000 air combat missions. The assault, led by U.S. General Wesley Clark, targeted civilian infrastructure including bridges, food and industrial plants, hospitals, electrical grids, schools, cultural sites, and privately owned businesses. NATO applied for but was denied U.N. Security Council approval for waging what turned out to be a 78-day bombing campaign. It proceeded anyway.


The Nuremberg Code:
75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

With a moving introduction by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, this 75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of the Nuremberg Code features translations of the original text in 11 languages in addition to English.

A concise and essential document on the subject of patient rights, drafted in response to many heinous abuses by doctors, nurses, and public health officials during the Nazi regime.


The Nuremberg Code and its Modern Enemies

Where did respect for the Nuremberg Code go?

In the middle of the COVID Panic, the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code (2022) came and went without recognition or even mention from anyone in the medical ethics profession.
Meanwhile, a cottage industry of “reporters” sprung up producing a stream of articles about how the Code was out of date, not legally binding, and does not apply to COVID vaccines. This book answers the question “Why?”

Coming in 2024

What The Nurses Saw:
An Investigation Into Systemic Medical Murders That Took Place in Hospitals During the COVID Panic and the Nurses Who Fought Back to Save Their Patients

Over,  1,000,000 Americans are said to have “died” of COVID” between 2020 and 2023. 92% of these deaths occurred in hospitals or other health care facilities. The U.S. despite having approximately 4.2% of the total world population had more reported COVID deaths in absolute terms than any other country and by far measure. This book addresses the so-far unasked question “Why?”


Genocide in Gaza:
The Evidence

The purpose of this book is to provide you with the three key documents related to the claim by the Republic of South Africa against the State of Israel in the International Court of Justice (World Court). South Africa is applying to the court for a Provisional Declaration of Intervention.

The three documents are, in the order they are presented in this book:

1- Application Instituting Proceedings and Request for the Indication of Provisional Measures
2- Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention)
3- Genocide Convention Implementation Act of 1987



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