Made in San Francisco

Jonestown and Official San Francisco:
The Untold Story

At a September 1976 testimonial dinner honoring Jim Jones, Willie Brown, Jr. is at the far left and Jones is at the far right

"I have had the great pleasure of knowing a leader with tremendous character and integrity. . . Rev. Jones is regarded among government officials, civic and religious leaders, and particularly the black community and working class people, with utter respect for what he has done to upgrade the quality of life in our area and to bring greater health and well-being to thousands of poor, minority, and disadvantaged people."

- Willie Brown, Jr.

During the 1970s, official San Francisco delivered hundreds of children and elderly poor into the hands of Jim Jones in exchange for money and votes and then obstructed the family members who tried to rescue them.

Portion of flyer distributed in San Francisco well in advance of the massacres by family members of children and others held captive in Guyana. A veritable "Who's Who" of San Francisco politicians wrote letters to President Carter, the Prime Minister of Guyana and others supporting Jones, impugning the motives of the concerned relatives, and disputing their charges

The children

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